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Published on November 6th, 2010 | by Paz


Why we decided to move and how did we come to this decission? Part 2

If you are tuning in for our Part 2 of why we decided to move to China…you are interested in making a similar choice, you are trying to find out how we could be so crazy, or you are extremely bored. No matter what your reason we are glad you are here! p.s. it doesn’t snow in the south. Catch Part 1 here

May 2010 – Deciding To Go

 • While we were looking at houses and jobs in the South… I said to Zeek I just want to work and travel with you guys. Zeek says, “me too”! Uh oh….a little seed has been planted. The next day Zeek, ” says why don’t we live overseas”. Now we had tried to see how we could do this for years. I had looked into Foreign Service, jobs overseas, ect. Zeek says, “you could teach and I can work on computers. All we need is each other”. I teach…I have been working in training and enjoy training adults.  I guess I never thought about teaching, why? I don’t know why I never took the path of teacher. There were many teachers over my 21 years of school that I could have done without but there were many that made my life more enjoyable and enriching.
• I  e-mailed a friend that is teaching English in South Korea. (He is single) He said there was a job available to begin in August. I have to admit the rush of being able to live and teach overseas was like I had just chugged 3 cokes and a pack of snickers. The pay sounded great, paid for accommodations and health insurance. Why I had not taken this more seriously earlier in our life, I do not know. Self-doubt, fear of failure, God only knows.
• Ahhhh! I called Zeek and he says, “Lets do it! Let’s go”! So, I ran the numbers and it became a probability. All we need is a miracle. I am all about believing in miracles, so here we go!!!

June/July 2010 – Thank you Internet
• We start researching everything I can get my hands on, how, when, where, what does a family do to move abroad? How do we do this? I have an idea in my head but only know of one person who is doing this and they have no husband, and no kids, lets just say a hell of a lot easier. We have a house, student loans, bills, and lets just throw dirty diapers in there, because we have them. hahaha
• I found so much information on the internet. Late nights reading blogs similar to this one about mostly single people living all over the world. Oh how jealous was I. To turn the clock back 5.5 years and decide to take our adventure then, it would be so much easier. But would it be as much fun? NO. The idea of traveling with our two kids is just as exciting as the idea of backpacking with some of your best friends in Europe. However there may be less bar hoping. Below are some of  the awesome sites about regular people living overseas with their families and living the life of less or should I say of more.
• We aren’t going to South Korea and did not move in August. We are moving to China in February of 2011.
• The more we read, the more we liked. Many people not working 40 hour weeks, living way under their means, and saving all while taking kick ass adventures all over the world. Hmm, yes please! Where have you been my whole life. Nevertheless, it is hard work, smart living, budgeting, and adventure that keeps all of these families afloat, relaxed, and educated.
• Some of our ENLIGHTENMENT lessons:
○ We determine our own measurement of success
○ Many different ways to educate our kids
○ That many people are out there living with less, learning more, and spending time together as a family. Yeehaaa
• Something could go wrong; but that is okay. We will be together and we are experiencing and living the life that we were given. Isn’t that what life is suppose to be about. We do not want to be running ragged. We want to be wondering what do to next with our time…or just do nothing at all together.

Love this

August 2010 Time to get ready
• Over the next 6 months we have to get ready to leave. So much to do!!!! I can’t even explain how much there is to do. Wait, yes I can because I have a million to do lists. Lol
• I am working on getting a TESOL teaching certificate just to make sure I know all of the tricks of the trade
• Sticking to a budget to save as much money as possible. Good-bye eating out. It is for a greater good.
• Relaxing and knowing that doors will open if it is meant to be and they will close if it not suppose to happen. Faith that as long as we are smart and work together we will have a great time.

So we are now in the beginning of November with tons done and still more to do. I am not going to lie that it is a bit stressful at times but the changes in our mindset have made us be aware of how much we can do with a little will-power.

I am going to put together a set of blogs about how to find a job and things to look for. In the meantime check-out these great sites of other people kicking butt living out-side of the box.

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

10 Responses to Why we decided to move and how did we come to this decission? Part 2

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  3. Sara says:

    I was really interested and happy to read this two part series of how you decided to go to China. I think it’s always worth to have dreams and also to make them true! And making money is not the most important thing, more important is a happy life, a family and experiencing and learning different things.

    I started dreaming of visiting China when I was 12 years or so. At some point I though that maybe it’s not possible. Or if it is, then only fora two week tourist trip. But then in autumn 2009 I just decided to make my dream come true. I arrived to China in February 2010 and I’m now living in Guangzhou. I love it!

    I added this blog to my RSS reader and will look forward to read about your experiences here in Guangzhou.

    • Paz says:

      You are right, there is so much more to life than just money. It is hard for some people to grasp that concept. I am so happy to hear that you went after your dream and now you are living it. That is such an amazing story. Thanks for adding our blog. We love meeting like minded people who inspire us to keep moving forward.
      Take Care,

  4. shannon says:

    THANK YOU for this blog! WE are a family with 3 girls, our youngest adopted from China in 07. WE LOVED CHINA and in the last few months have been going through the exact same thought process as you guys did. As I have been researching it has been hard t find information on families living in China so your blog is an amazing resource! THANK YOU AGAIN!

    • Paz says:

      Shannon- thank you! I actually started the blog because it was really hard for me to find information on families moving abroad in general. There isn’t much out there for families. How great that you adopted a little girl! Someone I worked with also adopted a little girl from China and they were telling us about their experience in Guangzhou. We have never been to China at all and we don’t speak Chinese so this is a great adventure for us all. Let me know if you have any questions about visas, insurance, ect. I am going to be posting on all of that soon. I am more than happy give you all of the information that I have collected.
      Take Care,

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  6. Amanda says:

    I love reading your blog! My husband may be transferred to China in the near future so I love reading about your family’s adventures because they could become my own! I am really excited about the possibility of moving overseas and reading your blog just adds fuel to the fire.
    Keep posting!!!

    • Paz says:

      Amanda! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I can’t tell you how much I needed it. Sometimes wondering hmmm is anyone reading. lol Living in China has been great and everyday is a wonderful adventure. I will continue to post and please keep in touch about your upcoming move. It is so amazing for you and your family. Take Care, Paz

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