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Published on July 18th, 2012 | by Paz


VPN Webinar

Presenting a 1 hour  LIVE Webinar on:

-VPN..what does it do?
-How to select a VPN
-Installing a VPN on my computer
-VPN for cell phones
-Don’t get blocked from your VPN!
-Do I need multiple VPN’s and why.
-15 minute Q & A with a Network Engineer and the President of GoGo VPN’s who will answer any technical questions you have.
+ 20% off coupon code from GoGo VPN’s

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The president of  GoGo VPN’s will also be joining us to answer any technical questions you  have.  They are an up and coming VPN service provider that is focused on getting people the VPN they need especially in difficult countries: i.e. China. They helped us when other companies could not. We are very happy to have them working with us and they are also giving all participants a 20% off coupon for your VPN services! Yay!

Here are some questions answered specifically about VPN’s in China.

Yes, you need a VPN in China. I would recommend a VPN for anyone who does anything outside of the U.S. (non-censored home country) you never want to be blocked from your favorite forum, company network, social network, or newspaper while traveling.

1. Sites blocked in China

These sites are ALWAYS blocked. However keep in mind that Bloomberg was just blocked because of a story they did on China. So if China decides that they want to block anything for any reason they will. Simple, if they don’t like what a company is doing then they just block it.

Don’t be fooled to think that the Chinese government is not watching what you are doing on line. They have the man power and they are.

2. Sites currently NOT blocked in China

  • gmail
  • hotmail
  • yahoo
  • google
  • Wall Street Journal
  • Flickr
  • BBC (some-times is blocked)
  • Skype

So no worries on getting to your e-mail or checking Google….however be aware that there are many times where Google won’t load. So this means you just have to keep trying. It will work in 5-10 minutes, however this can be very frustrating. You can prevent this by being on a VPN.

3.  Why does China block the internet?

Coming from a country with free speech and the right to be pissy and protest about anything it is hard to get used to being censored all the time. China only opened up its borders to the outside world within the last 30 years, before that there was little to absolutely NO outside influence. The power of the internet allows people to be influenced by anyone, and China does not want that. They will control what their citizens are exposed to. Remember they are a communist country and there is no free speech. You kind of have to roll with the punches.

4. Can I get a Facebook on my iPhone in China?

Yes!  You can get Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on your iPhone in China with a VPN on your cell phone. This offers a small level of complexity but it can be done. We will discuss this in our Webinar. You won’t miss a beat while on the Great Wall. 🙂

5. Can I get blocked from my VPN?

Yes. This might sound confusing but there are certain things you should not do before logging onto your VPN. You don’t want them to crawl your connection and then block your VPN. A brief list of what NOT to do before logging onto a VPN, so you aren’t caught!

  • Don’t try to access FB before logging onto your VPN. Go to another site in between. If you go straight from trying to access Facebook  (not on a VPN) to trying to log onto your VPN they see that you are trying to bypass their rules and try to sniff out your VPN. You then run the risk of them finding that VPN and blocking it. Gotta love China and the Bamboo Firewall.
  • Log out of your VPN when you aren’t using it.
  • Don’t directly go to Facebook, YouTube or another high profile site as soon as you log onto your VPN. Try something innocent first, like Google’ homepage.
  • Don’t search for controversial topics when not on a VPN. Example don’t search for “Anarchy in China” and then hop on your VPN, again they will sniff this out.

6. Do all VPN’s work in China?

No, they don’t. China, Iran, Bangladesh, ect. are all very specific countries and they require a sophisticated VPN. We will discuss which VPN’s we recommend in our Webinar and of course GoGo VPN’s works in China.

7. Can I get Hulu & Netflix in China?

Yes, but……For those of you that have fallen in love with Hulu & Netflix and don’t want to miss your favorite TV episodes/movie while in China you can access it in China. There is a catch though.

You have to be on a U.S. based VPN. Some VPN companies provide you with VPN’s that are not based in the U.S., if that is the case then you cannot access Hulu. You must be on a U.S. based VPN. This is due to copyright laws.

Staying in touch with family and friends back in our home state of Wisconsin is very important to us and it helped cope with our culture shock and staying in touch with the lives of our nieces and nephews.

Since we also work online with U.S. based companies having a secure VPN at all times was vitally important as it related directly to our income. I hope you all join us for our Webinar.

Live VPN Webinar

We will discuss…

  • VPN..what does it do?
  • How to select a VPN
  • Installing a VPN on my computer
  • VPN for cell phones
  • Don’t get blocked from your VPN!
  • Do I need multiple VPN’s and why.
  • 15 minute Q & A with a Network Engineer and the President of GoGo VPN’s who will answer any technical questions you have.
  • + 20% off coupon code from GoGo VPN’s

If you can’t make the live webinar you will be able to access a recorded session for up to 30 days after we air. You will receive a link of the recorded session 24 hours after recording.

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