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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by Paz


A typical day in Mexico

I get a lot of questions about what does a typical day in Mexico look like. What do we do everyday and how do our children adjust. These are the same concerns I always have before moving to a new country. What will our day look like? Will I get all my work done? Where do I grocery shop, and what will our kids do everyday.

So I thought I would share what a typical day looks like in Mexico, since that is where we are right now. What does living in Mexico look like.

5:00 am – I wake up and get my coffee, check some e-mails, and make my todo list (knowing fully well it won’t all get done) I like my quiet time in the morning.

5:30 am – I start breakfast. I normally make eggs, bacon or pancakes. If we have some leftover beans or meat I chop it up to through in there. My children are hungry the second they wake up.

5:45 am – Start waking the kids up. Lupita likes to take her time getting ready. So I have to wake her up with enough time to be able to take her time and so we don’t have to yell and threaten her within an inch of her life to get ready fast. She doesn’t do fast. So she wakes up at 5:45…a necessary evil.

7:00 am – We leave to take Lupita to school. Luckily it only takes us 5 minutes to walk to school. So it is great.

7:20 am – Do it all over again with Abraham. Sometimes he is already awake and sometimes not. He normally does his homework in the morning.

8:00 am – Take Abraham to school. He attends the same school as Lupita but starts at 8.

8:15 am – I go to the market two days a week and I leave right from their school with my bags in hand. I leave early because I have to back by 10:30 or else I will get caught in the heat of Merida and considering I am normally carrying 8 – 10 kilos or 16 – 20 lbs. back of groceries it makes the 10 block walk…hmmm exhausting is the only word that comes to mind. I should really take a taxi back, but these are my workouts.

If I don’t go to the market I then go straight home and clean up the house, wash dishes, and start work. I am working on a few projects at the moment and also manage MPC Tutorials and Crazy Yummy. I normally don’t get to everything I wanted to work on or catch up with friends enough before I have to go and pick up Abe at noon.

12:00 – Pick up Abe

12:45 Pick up Lupita

1:30 Lunch Two days a week we have a large Mexican lunch and the other days we eat a normal mid-sized American style lunch. Although we really like the Mexican style lunch after eating that much food at lunch time all we want to do is sleep. So it makes for a very unproductive afternoon. So we can only handle this for a couple of days a week.

In the afternoon the kids play in the pool and run around the house. During this time we stay at the house, because it is normally too hot to do any walking around outside. I wish the kids would take naps, however they don’t.

3:00 Get Lupita ready for her ballet class. Remember she likes to take her time getting ready. We also have to do her hair every time we go out as no girl walks around with crazy hair in Mexico. They just don’t.

3:50 Take Lupita to dance class

5:20 Pick up Lupita from dance class

5:45 Do homework. I have thought about having them do their homework earlier in the day, but for some reason they just want to play when they get home. Probably has something to do with them being 3 and 6. Go figure! We do homework while I make dinner.

6:00-7:00 Eat dinner and pick up from our days craziness.

7:00 pm –  We go out two to three days a week. We go to one of the squares, walk around churches, get ice cream in the square. We get out and explore. The other nights we work on getting the kids in bed on time since they have to wake up so early.

Wednesday is helper Day – On Wednesday all the paid help comes. The maid, the gardner, and the pool guy. Although we appreciate all the help and I am very happy I don’t have to clean the bathrooms, it does make Wednesday very unproductive.

Special Days- Having traditions is important. As we move around so much and never have the same home we try to create special traditions in each country. In China Lupita and I would go and get pedicures together once a week and eat sushi regularly since they were so cheap. In Mexico we have created a few different traditions.

Friday Night Pizza – There is a great Pizza place near Lupita’s Ballet School so after we pick her up on Fridays we go and play in the square with local kids until the Pizza parlor opens and then we sit outside and eat our pizza. It is actually very good pizza.

Saturday Pool Party – Our current house has a great pool and since Zeek has to work all week he doesn’t get as much pool time as he would like. So Saturdays is pool party day. The music starts, the beer and limeade are poured, and I normally take my place in the hammock. If Zeek and I have work to catch up on we normally do it on Saturday afternoons after the pool party. The

Sunday is Adventure & Baba Breakfast – Sunday I DON’T wake up at 5 am and I DON’T make breakfast. Nope…Zeek or Baba does. I normally have to sweep in for clean-up, but at least breakfast was done. We then go for an adventure. Sunday is our out day.

A typical day in Mexico

So this these are our typical days in Mexico. If you are thinking about moving to Mexico then this gives you a good idea of what it might be like of course every one is different but hopefully this helps you get a picture of what our days are like.

We are enjoying our time in Mexico and made a few friends which is always nice. Although we do wish Merida could turn down the heat a little we have figured out how to work around it.


About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

7 Responses to A typical day in Mexico

  1. Maria says:

    Sounds incredibly similar to a week in the US. 🙂
    Nice to read what you guys are up to though.

    • Paz says:


      Yes it is. I think a lot of people think that living in another country means that things will be incredibly different and the nice part is that it isn’t. I always find it so humbling to see everyone’s similarities in the world. Most mom in the world worry about the same things, and all 2 yr olds throw tantrums. It doesn’t matter where you are. I always think it is so great. 🙂

  2. Heidi says:

    Awesome! It’s great reading about someone else’s typical day in Mexico. We live in Cozumel and have been to Merida a couple times. I would love to hear more about where to eat there for the next time because of course the food is one of the main reasons we live in Mexico:)

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  4. This is really interesting, Paz. We definitely need to get out more. How on earth do you manage three websites and two kids, yet still get out of the house regularly? I love the idea of having special traditions in every country you visit. I’m going to steal that. 🙂

    • Paz says:

      Renee, Yes, the special traditions has been fun and we try to pick what is easiest or cheap in that country and take advantage of it to the MAX! Like pedicures in China, was because I love pedicures and they were only $4 US dollars each. 🙂 The sushi was also really cheap and delicious. We did one special day of sushi in the US and it ended up costing us over a hundred bucks….that was the end of that!!! Our pizza place is really cheap in Merida about $8 USD for a large pizza and luckily that will feed all of us right now. Although with my children’s growing appetite not sure how long that will last.

      I always feel like I am not getting enough done. I like setting up going out time for certain days, then I don’t feel guilty for not going out on other days. I know Sunday or Thursday night we will hit the town. So when we stay in Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I don’t feel guilty for not taking advantage of what else is out there.

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