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Published on September 17th, 2012 | by Paz


Top 5 things to do in India

India, the incredible land of discovery that she is, offers a different aspect of her personality, eclectic, extravagant, exotic and elegant, all at one time to each one of her travellers.  Be it the festivities, or the historic monuments, the tribal interiors or wildlife corridors, the coastline or the breathtaking landscapes in her mountains, India has always been a true wonderland overwhelming her explorers and travellers from all across the globe over centuries.  If you are a ‘firang’ (read foreigner), don’t worry about staying in touch with your folks while travelling as making international calls has now become cost-cutting with advanced technology at your doorstep !

It is an enduring task to pick just 5 things to do in this magic land ! Starting South, one of the things that must not be missed is the backwaters at Kerala. Gliding silently through achingly green forest is one of the most peaceful things you can do in Southern India. Captained by a lungi-clad local, wooden boats are poled through clear ableit narrow rivers. Glimpse villagers flogging the daylights out of their laundry, scrubbing dead skin off their heels, taking a morning bath or simply gawking at the passing parade of reciprocally gawking tourists gives you a lifetime of an experience. Kerala is also a land of spices. Pepper and cinnamom is gold for the locals and you will see plenty of these plantations as well. Indeed, a rare cruise experience.

Climbing a little north, experiencing the best of Indian wildlife at Central India wildlife sanctuarie is one more things you should look out for. Central India is known for its diverse topography, climate and vegetation. Many hill ranges like Vindhya, Satpura, Aravali, Maikal and Ajanta are located in this region and support a one of a kind mix of flora and fauna. With a wide range of over 15 national parks and 35 wildlife sanctuaries, nature is at its best in this region.

Continue further north until you reach one of the wonders of the world, the magnificent Taj Mahal ! It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is when you look at Taj, you know it’s going to be an experience to remember and share. But looking at Taj on a silent night when the moon is at its full glow is a moment to die for. That’s when rays of the moon light up the entire monument and lend it a faint silvery glow. The Taj looks so mesmerizing on a full moon night that you will not even notice how the night passed and the sun came to bathe it in shades of pink.

If you are a mountain lover, the Himalayas will offer you the best treat of your life. This massive mountain system stretching across the whole of North India is a source to one of the major river systems in the world. The unique floral and faunal wealth, the breath-taking valleys, glaciers, the hundreds of lakes with uniquely developed supporting cultures of the local populace and a birth place of several religious, the Himalayas have so much to offer that  it would take many visits to get well acquainted with this part of the country !

A touristic experience is never satisfying without getting oneself acquainted with the culture of the land. India has a mammoth of it and you must make the most of it ! Festivities is one aspect of the life of Indians which should not be missed. Be it Diwli or Id, or the tribal festivals in the interiors of the land, the traditional customs, beliefs and practices are worth participating in as they are a window into people’s lives and ways of living. What’s more, in India you will always be more than welcome a guest on such occasions. So make the most of it !

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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