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Published on November 8th, 2010 | by Paz


“The New Global Student” by Maya Frost; 1 of 6 Kick Ass People

If you know someone that is in school, if you have ever been in school, or if you are in school right now, you need to read this book. But probably not because of the reasons that you think…..

The New Global Student is about a family with 4 teenage daughters that moves to Mexico to experience life and sends all 4 girls to college without going into debt AT ALL. They talk about how their girls and many others have completed 4 yr degrees, gotten amazing jobs, been adventurous, and did it all with unconventional (less expensive) tactics.  Why did this book reach us and inspire us so….

First I would like to give a special testimony that this is the only book in the last 3 yrs that I have read in under 5 days. It is 306 pages long and I finished it in like 4.5 half days. You will not be able to put it down. With 2 kids, working full time and all the other fun stuff I do on a daily basis (sarcasim) let’s just say this means it was good.

Reason #1

After we were thrilled, sold on our idea of moving abroad we remembered we have kids.  That is where our doubt lied. How will this affect them? What will we do for education? How will our country of choice view foreign children? What is the crime like in that country? Are there parks? What is the daycare like? Do they eat children on a regular basis? (that last one is a joke) We had so many fears as to what our selfish decisions would do to our 2 precious kids. While reading The New Global Student we realized that our kids just want us. They just want to be with us and there are many things in the world that are dangerous….even here in the US. That we need to see this as an opportunity to go on an adventure together, not something that will give us more challenges. That is why we want to go, right? That we have to let go of the need to control everything, that if we want to do this and succeed that we need to let our children learn, and experience the world for the beauty that it possesses. What would happen if we all just relaxed a little and didn’t worry about every minuscule detail. Do you think the world would fall out of orbit?

Reason #2

What keeps you from going after your dreams? What keeps you from living everyday like it is the best day ever? Well for most of us it is fear. As Maya puts it

“We are fearful? Let us count the ways:

1.fear of letting go

2. fear of not doing enough

3. fear of taking charge

4. fear of slowing down

5. fear of unstructured time

6. fear of falling behind”

Ya depending on what day of the week or time of the year all of these fears have us paralyzed. They have paralyzed us to the point of going nowhere with our dreams and aspirations. Maya walks through all of these fears and how to overcome them. Amen! Thank you! I realized my most frequent fears are: #2 fear of not doing enough & #4 fear of slowing down. After realizing this I saw how these fears had made my feet & head stay stuck in the mud for years. To be able to acknowledge my fear is the first step to overcoming it. Fear #2; not doing enough. I fear that if we aren’t doing enough that we will fall behind. That we have not done enough for our kids to get ahead in the world. Fear #4; fear of slowing down. I have a fear of doing nothing, it makes me uncomfortable at times, as if we are missing something or not doing something that we should be…please refer back to fear #2. I have since learned that my fear of not doing enough is really based of off things that I thought we needed to do and not actually things that I WANTED TO DO! Huge difference! If we focus on stuff that we WANT  to do, then I don’t feel like we need to do more. I get more satisfaction and fulfillment out of what we are actually doing.

Reason #3

I love her husband Tom’s perspective as well. He has a great blog: that you should check out. One part that spoke to both of us:

” I was constantly questioning whether all of these pressures-to buy, sign up, attend, competer-were doing anyone any good. We all want to be the best paretns we can be, and we want to give our kdis every opportunity to “succeed.” But the most important thing we can do for our childern (beyond providing a loving home) is to give them a good education, and yet most of the costs and frustrations we encountered had nothing to do with education!”

Everyday we feel bombarded with the idea that we need to sign up, do, buy, upgrade anything and everything. Since we have been on our budget it has made us even more aware of all the crazy marketing and advertising that we feel the need to participate in on a daily basis. This was not what we wanted our life to look like. We don’t want to be slaves to our possessions. We want to be the masters of our domain.

Reason #4

Not only does this book help you with your fears, and naysayers, but Maya also helps you look at the education system differently. Now you can argue about what should be done to fix our current education system, but I think we can all agree that it is broken. How to get into a good college without ever taking an SAT or ACT, yup you can do it! Can you graduate early or get your GED and start your dreams early? Yes! Can you go to college in another country for 25% of what your study abroad program is charging? Yes! There are testimonials from kids that thought outside the box about how to accommplish their goals and are very successful because of it. There is information on how to help your student accomplish more with less, and be themselves. Who can say no to that! You have to find your way, but don’t let your fears stop you from experiencing life as it was meant to be lived.

I hope everyone wants to go out and buy a copy of this book. I would like to thank Maya and her family for their inspiration and Ganas!

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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