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Published on May 13th, 2013 | by Paz


Summer in Paris

When people ask what are you doing this summer don’t you wish that you could answer “Spending the summer in Paris”! Why not? Spending the summer in Paris is possible and could even cost the same as your normal vacation to Disney. With a few smart budget choices you can experience a Summer in Paris and have way better pictures to share.

Free Activities

The beauty about Europe and Paris specifically are the free activities available for you and your family to partake in.

Museums: There free museums all over Paris and other’s that have discounted entries on specific days like Mondays or Tuesdays. Take the time to look up free entrance days to your must visit museums and adjust your schedule to take advantage of those.

Events: Some of the best and most popular events in Paris are free. Summer time in Paris screams amazing free outdoor events. My favorite to take advantage of would be Bastille Days in July. However there are many more outdoor events that would do the trick. You don’t have to pay to get into these events, eat and drink before arriving so you don’t have to buy the expensive food and drink. Have a great time and practically spend no money.

Parks: No matter what the season Paris’s parks are a place that everyone can enjoy. Jardin du Luxembourg is a favorite in Paris, it has something for everyone. Both adults and kids can enjoy the parks in Paris. My favorite part about visiting parks in whatever country you are visiting is that you get to interact with the local people of the city. You can partake in free park activities and people watch all afternoon long. This is a better more cost effective way to learn about the local people than most college courses.

Markets: My favorite activity of all is to stroll through local markets. You can find artisan markets or my favorite food markets all over Paris. The best time to visit the food markets are early in the morning when the food is fresh and the locals are out. Don’t forget night markets either, they are great for finding bargains and a wonderful form of night entertainment that is totally free…unless you buy something of course.


You may think that a hotel in the center of Paris isn’t possible. However, have you looked? They are actually quite reasonable and much more bang for your buck than you might think. You can find hotel rooms downtown Paris around $100 a night and they are not made out of cardboard boxes. They have beautiful rooms and are minutes away from your favorite attractions.



It is no secret that food in Europe and especially Paris can be expensive. I remember the $4.00 bottles of water last time we were there, but if you come with the right mindset and can be a bit flexible you can save hundreds of dollars on food.

Eat in the markets: The best way to save money on food is to eat in or around the food markets. Wake up early and stroll to the nearest food market to purchase a croissant, cheese, and coffee for your breakfast. Eat and drink as you stroll the streets of Paris observing the details of an amazing city. That sounds better than any expensive sit-down breakfast. For lunch you can normally find vendors in or around markets with some amazing food.

Eating Under  €10 : If you are worried about Paris food breaking the bank, don’t. There are lots of options in Paris that are not only delicious, but under $15. Eating in Paris for under €10 is a great resource for some amazing restaurants where you can find authentic Paris cuisine as well as rub elbows with French folk.


Now doesn’t a summer in Paris sound more like a wonderful vacation versus another theme park full of long lines and crappy food. Make this summer one to remember and spend some time in Paris without breaking your bank. What will you do this summer, whatever it is I hope it doesn’t include long lines.

About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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  1. Roy says:

    Really? You know what they have in Paris? People from France!!!

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