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Published on January 27th, 2013 | by Paz


Puking, Taxis and Mexican Backroads

One might think these words don’t go together however on our trip from Casitas to Perote, Mexico they converged to create a memorable journey. The funny part is how it all began…

Taking a taxi can sometimes be cheaper and easier, go figure. We had discovered after a phone call to a local taxi cab that it would save us roughly $50.00 USD and 6 hours if we took a taxi versus taking two buses. This was extremely surprising because we always think of taxis being more expensive, so it is worth the time to make the extra phone call.

What would have been a 8 hour bus ride now had turned into a 2 hour taxi ride because of the limited bus destinations and cut the price in half for us. We were super happy! You can imagine 2 hours is much better than 8 with a 2 and 5 year old.

Here is where it gets interesting. 

Since our children had been sucking down chocolate milk from our hotel restaurant as Zeek and I sucked down Modelos and Micheladas I was starting to feel a bit guilty about the amount of chocolate and sugar they had been having over the last week. They had the waiters wrapped around their little fingers and had been taking advantage of our half drunken state for the entire week and had been having chocolate milk dinners which is understandable because we were having beer dinners as well. Anyways I digress….as we were leaving and they were asking for yet another chocolate milk I had decided that the week of unhealthiness was over and we had to get back on track.

We started off our journey at a 7 eleven like gas station picking up snacks, cash and water for the trip. When traveling with kids you always need to have food on hand. At the gas station they request yet another chocolate milk, being the responsible mother that I am I tell them “no” and look for a regular milk. I have to search since the first 4 rows of milk or juice are chocolate and find a vanilla one on the bottom. When grabbing it I thought how strange it is all the way on the bottom, but as our taxi driver waited outside and I had to get a large amount of money out of the ATM I really didn’t pay any attention to the milk and went about our business.

Getting into the Taxi 

Zeek gets in front with the driver who I have to admit we are a little unsure about to embark on our journey which will take us through the mountains (why no buses go there) and to Perote. I get the amazing task of sitting in back with my two beautiful children to help them in anything that they need. (can someone please gag me now.)

We always start with our snack because for some reason our children get hungry and thirsty the second we enter a motor vehicle and it doesn’t matter what it is; plane, train, bus, taxi, or car it always happens. So me being the attentive mother that I am I begin with their vanilla milk and snack. I feel good that I made them select a non-chocolate beverage and pat myself on the back a little.

20 minutes into the Taxi ride

Lupita starts saying how her tummy hurts. “Momma, my tummy hurts.” Since they haven’t sit still since we have gotten in the taxi I really don’t think much about it and tell her not to worry it will pass and give her some water.

Abe is as usual crawling all over me. This is a favorite pass time of his when we travel. Many people wonder how we have made it traveling as much as we do with such an active boy. That is another story.

Lupita is still complaining about her stomach, Abe is crawling all over me not sitting down and Zeek is silently staring out the front window with the taxi driver.  I kindly (ya right) ask for Zeek’s attention to the matter of one of our beloved children and get a plastic bag out for Lupita because she is starting not to look good either but with Abe standing and looking out the back window. I am happy that he has stopped moving, but we all know it isn’t safe for him to be standing in a moving car, but in Mexico’s safety standards this would be considered perfectly okay.

I get a plastic bag out in case Lupita needs it and as I grab Abe so he doesn’t fly forward as our Taxi is making yet another abrupt stop….

Abe pukes all over the back of the taxi and me!!!!!

He pukes all over the back of the taxi and me while no one really notices, no body meaning neither the taxi driver or Zeek realizes that Abe is puking all over. I mean seriously!! I have to yell in both English and Spanish for Zeek and the taxi driver to realize that Abe is puking and to pull the F*&#$ taxi over…. I mean does anybody feel my pain. The taxi driver finally pulls over and Zeek finally realizes that I am getting puked on all over.

Baby wipes have been our savior many times even though neither of our kids are in diapers anymore….however we used them to wipe off the taxi drivers back seat, my shirt, arm, pants, you get the point. We pull clothes out of the trunk and change Abe. There is a near-bye store the kind that is more like a stand than a store and ask to throw our garbage away in the store. The woman says that she doesn’t have a garbage. Seriously!! No garbage in a store.

Littering was not my first choice, however as the store owner refuses to confess that she has a garbage that was our only choice other than keeping the puke filled wipes and paper towel in the taxi with us.

Lupita yells, “WE DON’T LITTER, MAMMA!!” I know we don’t litter and I have to explain the whole scenario to her and our dilemma to her as I climb into the back seat. The whole time I am waiting for our taxi driver to kick us out. He doesn’t and we are grateful.

We did pick up a sprite from the awful lady and Abe is happily sipping his sprite. Then Lupita says again that her tummy hurts. Abe is back to feeling well so again he is climbing all over me and she is far from me. I say the usual things; take deep breathes, look out the front window, ect. She then looks at me and says, “Oh Mamma”.

Lupita pukes all over the back of the taxi and only part of me!!!!

Again, I have to call attention to the taxi driver and my husband sitting so comfortably in the front seat as our daughter is throwing chunks all over the back seat. The taxi driver was much quicker this time and pulls over, Zeek was faster and got out to pull Lupita out, however as he does he flings her so her puke goes all over the door and almost hits the taxi driver.

This time we are near nothing, just the side of double lane busy road in Mexico. We have to change Lupita and wipe off the entire inside of the taxi again.

All I can do is apologize to the taxi driver telling him how my kids never throw up and this isn’t something that is normal in our travels. I have no idea if he believes me, but he didn’t throw us out of the taxi.

I asked him if we could find another gas station so I could wash my hands that have double the puke on them and maybe get some more wipes to wipe down his taxi again. He goes back a couple of miles and we pull in a gas station. I am ready for him to leave us there, so Zeek stays in the car with our stuff as I take both kids to the bathroom and attempt to use some soap on them and wipe my own hands down and we all use the bathroom.

I am so thankful to find soap in the bathroom because in China you never ever find soap in the bathrooms. One point for Mexico.

What happened next?

As we settle back into the taxi, me in the back and Zeek quietly sitting in the front. (frowny face) The taxi driver says that we are behind schedule and we need to keep moving. He has a pick up in Perote that he is now late for.  I apologize profusely and tell him there should be no more throwing up.

Why they threw up?

We later saw that the vanilla milk was BAD!!!!! The lesson learned was to let your kids have another chocolate milk and in any foreign country you never buy from the bottom of the cooler….NEVER! We learned this lesson in China, Malaysia, and Thailand. I had let my guard down being in my beloved Mexico and not remembered that a small gas station in the middle of no where land regularly rotates or gets rid of expired drinks.

I know this and should have checked or should have just let my kids have their last hurrah and have another chocolate milk that was all over the top and most frequented sections of the cooler.

The rest of the trip. 

The taxi took us through the cumbres in Veracruz. A cumbre is the “summit” or very steep part of the mountain and it is switchback road. The taxi driver was very worried that our children would start upchucking again on this part and there is NO place to pull over. I assured him that they would be fine and they were. They actually fell asleep during the switchback road and missed all the fun and nerve racking sites as we traveled up and down the mountain.

We arrived in Perote about 45 minutes behind schedule and we gave our nice taxi man a tip. Perote was much colder than our ocean side origin however we were happy to be there. I eagerly got into the truck that awaited us to bring us to the house we were staying at for a nice hot shower.

Who ever says traveling with kids is uneventful has never done it.

We send thanks to the taxi driver who had lots of patience and grace with us.


Have your kids ever puked all over you?! Please share so I don’t feel so alone!


About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

8 Responses to Puking, Taxis and Mexican Backroads

  1. Ewwwwwwwww – hope you havent jinxed our stay 😛

  2. Angela White says:

    Oh dear, I got some good laughs from this (hopefully I’m laughing with you now that it’s all over). I will count my blessing when I get frustrated with Caleb in the car! You are not alone having to sit in the back. Paul is always quick to offer to drive when we head up north. 4 hours in the backseat with a toddler is exhausting (even when he’s not sick!). I guess it’s just the price we pay for being such awesome moms:)

  3. Annie André says:

    OMG, this is every parents worst nightmare. You need visuals though. maybe you should do a re-enactment so we can get the full effect….. 🙂

  4. Paz says:

    Annie….right I would but totally once was enough. These are the type of experiences where I WISH I had pictures, but taking pictures when kids are puking just never happens. 🙂

  5. Micki says:

    Oh dear! I think we’ve had the exact same trip (except ours was in Costa Rica, and the culprit was twisty roads, not spoiled milk). My heart goes out to taxi drivers around the world 🙂

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