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Published on January 15th, 2011 | by Paz


No TV for 2 years

We recently celebrated our 2nd year without tv, yes I did use the word celebrate.  The funny part is that when we made our change/cutback it wasn’t because we were trying to prove a point. It was simply because we were so fed up with our cable companies’ customer service. We were actually trying to ADD a DVR box. Go figure!

I was trying to add another DVR box. We wanted one in our room. It was only another 8 bucks a month to add another DVR and then we could watch tv in bed and yes…pay a little more for something that we didn’t need. After finding out that they would not install it for free ($50 fee) that was when Zeek lost it. He said enough was enough and we didn’t need to be lazy after work anyway. We had enough ideas and plans that we wanted to work on and not having the distraction of  t.v. would help us get them all done. All of these very good points. So we returned all of our equipment and it was a done deal. Then we realized that without a box we didn’t get ANY channels. So yes our t.v. could only play movies from our DVD player.

After 2 weeks of not having any channels we realized that it wasn’t that bad. We got more done. We were spending more time with our kids and more time with each other. I have to admit it was hard at first. When people would come over and ask to watch a game or see the weather we had to tell them that we didn’t have t.v. and it was always so funny to see their faces. “No channels”…Yup No channels. We soon started loving our non-t.v. life and the time that we were spending together or working on our goals. We both have things that we have wanted to accomplish. Without t.v. taking up our night time we found much more time to work on our goals.

What do we miss? I love Oprah and hated not having her shows DVR’d. That was/is the hardest. They are not offered online. Zeek missed the Simpsons. They are available online, but he never has gone online to watch one. I guess he doesn’t really miss them. Lupita did miss her Dora shows, but that was short lived. She now enjoys her free time playing in her room either byherself or with her brother. Abe…well he has never known our house with t.v., that is interesting now that I say that outloud. I also miss the world news that was on at 5:30. We get our news online now and we go to much more realiable news sources and read much more interesting articles.

What do we not miss? We do not miss the commercials. How annoying. We don’t miss how when there is the slightest change in weather it is all over every channel. We live in Wisconsin. We get snow. Once you know about it what good does it do to talk about it every 15 minutes. Geez!

Do we watch anything? Well, yes we subscribed to Netflix which is amazing and super cheap (10 bucks a month). We just canceled that last month. Well worth the money. We called our t.v./movie watching “Intentional T.V. Time”. This meant to us that we were searching out something to watch and sitting down together to spend a little cuddle time infront of the tube. We were no longer zoning infront of some show that we really weren’t enjoying. You know that feeling after watching another re-run of Friends, “I will never get those 30 minutes back again”. I still enjoy a little time infront of the computer watching a few shows online from time to time. I have a few that I enjoy watching and laying in bed at 11 pm when the kids are asleep and Zeek is working on his music is a great time for me to grab a glass of wine and either read my favorite blogs or watch a show that is offered online.

Did our kids miss the t.v.?  On Saturdays we still put a good Disney movie on that I have to say we all enjoy. Occasionally, Lupita will ask if she can watch a movie before school…but she just likes to see what she can get on a daily basis. However they do not miss having the t.v. on after school/work. They enjoy the time that we spent playing games, doing homework and just chillin.

We are not saying that t.v. is bad or needs to be avoided. We believe that for us it was taking away from valuable time being “present” with eachother. I can’t tell you how many times we have said over the year that we are so happy that we no longer have t.v. or the bill. One less thing to worry about and pay every month. We put that extra $50.00 a month that we were spending on t.v. towards our date nights. For sure worth it!!  Anyway I can get more sushi or ice cream is a good thing.

Try it out! Now you might not want to do this around Super-Bowl time or another important t.v. event in your house. Try it out for a week. No t.v.! What would you do with your extra time? Work on a project that you have been putting off. Do more laundry. Call a friend that you never get a chance to talk to. Read that book that has been sitting on your night stand for years. Go work out. What would you want to do?

If you have given up tv or refuse to do it, let us know. I am curious about your experience.


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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

2 Responses to No TV for 2 years

  1. Cathy Stagmer says:

    Paz-I love this. I haven’t entirely cut out tv but I’ve lived in Milwaukee for maybe 10 years now and I have never had cable which some people find crazy. The funny thing is, that really came out of a bit of laziness on my part. Time Warner came out to install it and they needed access to a room I couldn’t give them access to and I never called them back. Growing up I never imagined I’d watch PBS as much as I do now but I certainly watch far more intelligent thought provoking shows than I would if I had cable. I’ve recently discovered Hulu, which yes I know is silly because it’s been around forever but that is generally where I get my occassional cable fix. I can tell you though, if I had cable I would not have watched a piece about Liberia which fascinated me. Congrats to you on removing the clutter and increasing the quality!

    • Paz says:

      I too get my cable fix every now and then on Hulu or I love how you ended up not getting cable. That is too funny. PBS is great…we do miss that station. Isn’t it great though to learn something while you watch. Good for you, not getting into cable it is so easy. 10 years!!! That is impressive! I can’t wait until we can say we are 10 years off the Tube. Thanks for checking out the site.
      <3 Paz

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