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Published on April 9th, 2013 | by Paz


New Chinese Recipe Site – Crazy Yummy

I am very excited to bring you a little project that I have been working day and night on. Depending on how long you have been following International Cravings you probably have seen our drastic transformation from fat people from Wisconsin to healthy looking folk. ­čÖé If you aren’t familiar with our story you can find it┬áhere.

Chinese recipes

Everyday we are so grateful for our eye opening experience and what we have learned from woman across the globe. Sometimes I find myself talking to random strangers about our life in China and how I learned to cook and how we have traveled and continue to try and learn about food, cooking and healthy living from each culture we experience. I am never sure if the stranger in line next to me┬áappreciates┬ámy stories or not, but I know ya’ll will! Right?!

Along with my web extraordinaire┬áhusband I have created Crazy Yummy! Crazy Yummy is where I will share information about food, health, international lifestyles, and of course delicious recipes that will help you begin to live a healthy Crazy Yummy life too! I can’t tell you how excited and eager I am to share with all of you! ┬áThe reason I love talking about food and health is because it is actually pretty easy to do. Now it isn’t as easy as going through a drive-thru window, but it is WAY easier than I ever ever expected. It took us moving across the globe to figure the secret to healthy living out, but now you don’t have to. You can just browse Crazy Yummy and start your life changes today!

Why should I visit Crazy

Great question! Here’s why.

  • Learn how to make easy healthy food
  • Find out how to get your kids to love veggies
  • Learn exciting authentic recipes for your family
  • Be apart of a natural food dialog from across the globe
  • Uncover how the rest of the world stays healthy and lives to be 100+!
  • Interested in other cultures’ eating habits
  • Learn natural healing components in food
Veggie Dumplings Recipe
Veggie Jiaozi Recipe

What’s at Crazy Yummy

  • Authentic easy international recipes
  • Free Cooking Videos
  • Ground reporting on healthy living from around the globe
  • Food Market tours from across the globe
  • Online Cooking Classes
  • Easy to follow recipes
  • Cooking Tips and tricks to create a delicious eating experience

 Next Step

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About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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