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Published on May 14th, 2013 | by Paz


Moving to Mexico

Yes, we are leaving the good ole USA again and this time we are moving to Mexico. We have been living with my mom in South Carolina for a bit and loving the time we have had to spend with her and the bond that her and the kids have developed. But now it is time for us to move on and for her to get back to her single living life. We know it won’t be as exciting as having the four of us around, but it will be quieter and cleaner for sure.

A lot of people think that we picked Mexico because I have family there, NO that is not why and we will not be moving near family. We will actually be around 24 hours away via car or bus from family.  So…why Mexico?

Where are we moving?

Merida, Mexico

Why did we pick Mexico?

1. Weather

We are moving to the Yucatan of Mexico where the average summer temperature is around 94° or a bit higher and in the winter it might get down to 74° so basically we can be in shorts all year long. We know that although we may have been raised in Wisconsin we are warm weather people. So 94° on average should be warm enough for us. 🙂

moving to mexico

You can see why we like the warm weather. 🙂

2. Language 

Our main goals for our children right now are language and adventure. We believe in all that other fancy stuff like reading and arithmetic too, but language is key at their age or any age an we needed to pick a country where Spanish was the native tongue. Our time Living in China showed us how easy and quick children of any age pick up languages and how valuable speaking multiple languages can be. We feel that with English, Mandarin, and Spanish our kids can travel the world with no fear of communicating. So Spanish is next on our list.

3. Schools 

In Merida and in many larger cities in Mexico you can find private schools that offer English Teachers on staff and even have muliple subjects taught in English. This was a bit of a challenge for us in China, however in Mexico they are fairly abundant. Since they are private they require a registration fee (between $400-$600 USD) for each child and then a monthly payment between $145 – $185 depending on school. These are the prices for Merida, however I checked other cities and they were fairly similar. I wouldn’t suggest sending your child to a government school because the education is not the same. It is simple, in certain countries you have to pay for your education, now that doesn’t mean that just because you pay more than it is that much better.

4. Cheap tickets for family 

There are a lot of flights from Cancun (only 3 hours from Merida) to the states and sales all the time. We hope that family will take us up on our offer to have them come and stay with us whenever they want. We also have lots of friends that have said that they hope to come and visit. We would like to be in close proximity to make that possible. We will see who takes us up on our offer.

5. Cost of living 

Cost of living in Mexico is well below that of the U.S. and we can afford some luxury items in Merida that we can’t in the U.S., my favorite of course being a maid to help out with household chores. Sorry peeps, I hate doing laundry and can’t wait for someone else too. For an idea of the cost of living in Mexico  check out Warren & Betty’s latest numbers here. They are only two people and live fairly modestly. We hope that for the four of us including rent and school our monthly expenses should be around $2200 a month. We will let you know much more when we get there.

We have booked our house for the first 6 months and couldn’t be happier. A Quiet House with a Pool in El Centro that we are eager to get into.

6. Adventure possibilities 

In picking a destination we take great consideration into what activities we can partake in and their cost. We found that we enjoy evening strolls in Parks, Zocolos or at the beach. All of these activities are free and bring lots of enjoyment as well as inexpensive treats. We all enjoy the treats and we love the inexpensive adventures.

Merida also packs a lot of extreme adventure being only:

3 hours from the Caribbean

7 hours to Belize City

15 Hours to Antigua, Guatemala

24 hours to Tegucigalpa, Honduras

We hope to spend our vacations exploring these beautiful countries as well. Considering they all speak Spanish our kids language learning will have paid off.

Do we think it is safe?

Yes, the important part about moving to a foreign land and one where there is a drug war going on is to connect with other expats that live there before going. I did this prior to moving to China, Thailand, Malaysia and now Mexico. With the power of the internet you can find out from real people living in your destination what it is really like. Don’t let the latest news reports scare you away from any destination before you check with locals. Remember, many people are afraid of traveling to the U.S. because of the danger in our own backyards, which is much higher than most countries you are planning on traveling too.

How long will we stay?

Since we are enrolling the kids in school and have decided to stick to their school schedules (as much as we can) we will be there for at least a year. We have only rented out our house for 6 months because it was already rented out for early 2014, however we hope to find something for the last 6 months of our stay while we are there. I am not worried as I know we will find something that will fit our needs.

Goals for Mexico

Any stage or time in your life you should have goals. So just like with anything we have goals for Mexico, just like we did for South Carolina.

1. Learn Spanish

2. Spend insane amounts of time at the beach as a family

3. Swim with Dolphins

4. Volunteer with one of the Turtle Sanctuaries

5. Grow my cooking classes with Crazy Yummy & learn more delicious Mexican Recipes

6. Learn to surf

7. Make new friends with similar interests

8. Continue to grow MPCTutorials (Zeek’s Music Business)

As you can see we are very excited and ready for our year in Mexico. As a side note we also looked at Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Turkey because we would love to live in those countries too. However with our current family and personal goals it seems that Merida is our decision for now.

Open door policy, if anyone would like to come and visit us please just Holla! We love visitors and want to share our moving to Mexico experience with everyone along with some brain tacos and Wu Tang. Come prepared!

About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

8 Responses to Moving to Mexico

  1. Angela says:

    OMG! Sounds like a fabulous fit. Beaches, warm weather, good food! I will totally take you up on your travel offer if it works for my family over the next year. All the best with the move and keep me posted on all your new fun you’ll be having.
    Much Love,

    • Paz says:

      Ang!! You guys better come visit or just you and Caleb as we will have a pool at the house so he can swim all day long!! Will let you know more when we figure it out. Lots of love! Give Caleb a hug for us.

  2. Amanda says:

    I love Merida! I have been following along since your China adventure and look forward to reading about your new life in Mexico! Also, I can comiserate about your vanilla milk puking trip, except that it was a blow out diaper that went all over the car seat in the middle of nowhere! It’s so fun being a mom… 🙂

    • Paz says:

      Yes, being a mom is so much fun and dirty! Thanks for following our adventures and we are sure excited about continue our journey in Mexico! I am hoping we can get through another flight with no puking. 🙂

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  5. Anouk says:

    I’m really glad that I found your website! We are a Canadian family moving to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, in 2014! We are looking to visit Merida too. Our stay in Mexico should be for one year or two.

  6. I absolutely appreciate this post. Congrats.

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