Life in China 101

Here we hope to shed some light on all of your questions about getting started to live or visit China. There isn’t a lot of information out there about real life in China. We hope to help everyone with their questions and make your experience much easier and to lessen your culture shock. If we don’t answer one of your questions, contact us and we will.

Why did we move to China


Purchased Plane tickets to China  

Getting to China

10 Money saving Tips for Traveling with Kids

What to pack for moving to China: Part 1

What to pack for moving to China: Part 2

What to pack for moving to China: Part 3

Flying to China with Toddlers 

How to pack for a year abroad – 6 month update


Cost of  Living

Our new home in China

Living in China Reality Check  – 6 month update

Apartment details 


Cost of Western Food

Chinese Diet – 10 easy things you can do to lose weight

Ordering from McDonald’s 24 x 7

Favorite Meal of the week 

Favorite Meal of the week with Helen

Bok Choy Recipe


Is China safe?

Litter and create a job 

Hired Help

Orphanages in China

Butt naked in China

Frustrated in China

Kindergarten’s in China 

How to quit a job & find a job in 10 days in China

Hong Kong 

Chinese New Year Part 1  & Part 2

Largest Human Migration: Chinese New Year


Public Transportation 

Getting to and around China

Sleeper bus in China, should you do it?


How to quit a job and find a job in 10 days

How to negotiate your contract

Contact us with any questions.

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