Getting to and around China

Welcome to taking the leap to visiting, living or studying in China. This adventure might be the one that changes your life forever. Here at International Cravings we are committed to making your visit to China one with less confusion and more fun. We provide you with lots of information so that you don’t have to scour sites and blogs.

So let’s get started!!!

Getting to China

  • China Eastern Airline: You can find great deals from Los Angeles or New York to China. It is worth flying from New York and finding another carrier to get you to New York. I have found round trip tickets for as low as $500.00.
  • Delta: now flies to China from all over the U.S. The service is not great, but a good carrier to rack up miles.
  • AirAsia: This is a great site for finding cheap air fare tickets throughout Southeast Asia.
  • One of the best places to book any kind of trip. Prices are pretty good and their service is very good. They have English speaking representatives and are very helpful.

Oh the visa story….you might have a love hate relationship with you visa as we do. Types of Visas

  • Tourist – For tourism or visit to families or friends
  • Business – For business visit, meetings, or studying/ training inChina for less than 6 months
  • Student -For studying in China for more than 6 months
  • Employment – For employment or commercial performances in China
    • Remember that it takes an average of 4 business days to get your visa unless you pay for next day or rush service.
    • You cannot mail in your passport to obtain a visa, you must go in person.
    • You can use an agent to obtain your Chinese visa, but always check their references.

Getting around China

      One thing that we have come to love about China is how easy and CHEAP it is to get just about anywhere. We have not found an area that we couldn’t get to by using public transportation. You can also decide how much you want to spend and the comfort level you desire. We tend to purchase more 1st class tickets (really not that much more) since we have two toddlers in tow…but the 3rd class tickets are still way better than many other countries public transportation systems.

      • Beijing metro map
      • Shanghai metro – great pdf of the Shanghai metro system
      • Guangzhou metro
      • Train map throughout China – pick your destination and get your schedule here.

What is it like to travel around China? If you can’t find a train then there will be a bus.

Oh and don’t forget our favorite mode of transportation…bike!


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