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Jobs in China

Maybe you already have a job lined up in China or possibly you have just begun your search either way I am here to tell you that if you are looking for a job in China you have come to the right country. There are jobs in China for you.

Prior to moving to China I underwent multiple job interviews via Skype prior to getting roughly three job offers and compared the  pros and cons of each offer in a power point presentation with friends and of course a couple bottles of wine before we made our decision. Then as you all know we arrived to China to quit that job and be homeless  in 10 days. Not what you or your family wanted to read about moving to China, but the good news is that the job market in China is booming and has been and I believe will continue to for another 10 years and who knows what will happen after that.

I graduated college in 2005 and ran into the job market head first. I entered the job market only a couple years before the beloved furloughs began and the recession started taking full effect in the U.S.

When we were moving to China I knew that I could find a job because I am a determined person and wasn’t going to stop until I found something that worked for me and my family. On the flip side I was expecting it to be hard and possibly a struggle, I was so wrong.

I have read about the industrial revolution in the U.S. and economic booms however I had never experienced one until moving to China. The China today is what I imagine the industrial revolution must have felt like. The opportunities around every corner just waiting for a hard worker to pick them up and charge forward. To be paid well and get benefits.

In the U.S. today benefits are becoming few and far between and really shouldn’t be called benefits, they should be called punch cards because that is what the benefits feel like a McDonald’s punch card.

Jobs in China ….

are everywhere for foreigners with passports from English speaking countries. As you can imagine these are primarily English teaching jobs and you are right they are. There are English teaching jobs everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE. English teachers have four different types of teaching jobs in China.

  1. Schools – private primary, elementary, or high schools. Here most teachers teach along side a Chinese teacher of have their own class where the kids rotate in and out.
  2. English Schools – this is going to be private schools where English is the main focus and children/adults come for an hour or two and then leave.
  3. Businesses- Many businesses have teachers come to their place of employment and have classes for their employees to attend. This type of job is normally not a full time position and primarily in the evening.
  4. English Test schools- You teach children/adults to pass a specific English proficiency test. This type of class lasts 6-8 weeks,   is a few hours a week for each class and is a bit more hands off because you have to follow the material given to you to ensure that your student’s pass the exam.

Then after these type of jobs there is my favorite type of English Teaching job and that is private tutoring. Now there are a few draw backs to teaching privately; no visa, you create all your own material, students cancel class, class can run overtime a lot, and you have to find a place to have your class.

Being an English Teacher in China can vary greatly in pay and in working conditions. So my advice is to go on as many interviews as possible until you find something that is a good fit for you. If you have certain requirements then you should stick to those as much as you can because eventually you will find a job that matches your needs.

Don’t want to teach English

If teaching English isn’t your cup of tea then no fear there are so many jobs in China it isn’t funny. You don’t even have to speak Chinese. Isn’t that crazy!! Don’t believe that you have to speak Chinese to find a job. That isn’t true. Obviously it doesn’t hurt ever to know another language.

Many people of other languages teach their native language: Spanish, French, Portuguese.

One of the best jobs I have found in China are voice-overs. There are lots of jobs for voice overs of native English Speakers and many other languages. I have a friend who does Spanish voice overs however her home language is Portuguese. There are also a lot of modeling jobs. Yup, never thought you could get a modeling job in the U.S. well get paid big to strut your stuff in China.

There are jobs in hotels, high tourist areas, and Fortune 500 companies.  The biggest obstacle about finding a job in China is giving your taxi driver instructions on how to get there.

Now keep in mind the further into the country you go the less number of jobs you will come across just as in any country. The cities have the highest number of jobs because there are more businesses, now that doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs in a specific area it might just cost you a little more time finding them.

When looking for a job in any area it is always easier to be there. Now I don’t recommend you hop on a plane and wing it in China with $25 in you bank account. I do recommend having 2,000 at your disposal and hitting the pavement.

Tips to finding your job in China

  • Have your resume on hand at all times. Carry it in your bag along with a pen and paper so that people can write down their contact information for you.
  • Tell everyone and anyone that you are looking for a job and what you do. Opportunities are everywhere and you will never get a job unless you are out asking for one.
  • Don’t judge people by what they wear. Many very wealthy people in China look like your average person. You never know what billionaire you are standing next to.
  • Be optimistic and keep your outlook half full and not half empty. Having the right attitude is key to any job hunt and the interviewer can tell.
  • Have copies of all of your diplomas, certificates and your passport available. Every employer will want to see your accomplishments and check your country of residence.

Finding a job in China can be very exciting because you never know what will happen. My story is that the job I moved my family across the globe ended up not being what they said and I quit on day two before ever signing a contract and I found another job in a few days time.

Another great story that after some time in China I found an amazing job tutoring the daughter of my favorite sushi shop which was on the corner down the street from our apartment. Our children were up for modeling gigs before we left and every week I was approached by people who wanted to hire me for decent money. No joke!

Living in the U.S. my entire life I never came across opportunities like the ones I found in China. It was empowering and a bit spoiling.

If you are thinking of going to China for work I am very excited for you and what your adventure will look like.

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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