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How do you “class”ify yourself?

Have you ever thought of what class you would put yourself in? Are you a regular middle class Target loving, organic buying, diet coke drinker? Do you feel most comfortable at a ho-down with some dirt on your boots and with at least 3 different flannel patterns on you at all times. We all like to think that we don’t classify ourselves, but we kind of do in some way or another. I really don’t like the idea of “class”ifying anything especially not myself or my family, however for some reason I have been thinking about it a lot lately. Probably because I have been in need of speaking or meeting like minded people….so I don’t feel so crazy all the time. 

We have been thinking of how to meet like minded people that can help encourage and soothe our souls….kindred spirits if you will. While in Penang, Malaysia we met 3 amazing families all on different paths, yet similar to ours. It was great to brain storm together, talk about parenting issues, travel plans, and of course we had some great dinners on the beach with buckets of beers. Amazing!

I know we can find (probably not as cool lol) similar people in any city we live in, but how do we meet them, where do they hang out, with whom do they converse?

So my mind brought me to the idea of how would I describe us if I was going to put an ad on Craigslist for friends. How would I “class”ify ourselves so that I would attract the right people and not perverts.

Think about what you want other’s to know about you and your family and the qualities that really define YOU. We have been thinking about this a lot recently. We thought we might be verging toward the hippy spectrum and then met some “real” hippies this last weekend and saw how different we are…so nope not classified as hippies.

We also have read about the term “flashpacker” and don’t think that is us either. Please remember we don’t want anyone to get stuck in a term and let the term defy who you are….but if you were going to put a classified add for yourself on Craigslist…what would it say?

I also thought about how many of my closest friends might be surprised to hear or see my or your classified ad. Maybe you don’t tell anyone your truest thoughts and desires. Maybe you want to be a florist, or own a yarn store, but because dreams, hopes, and desires are not a part of your normal conversation no one knows. However if you were to put an ad up for yourself wouldn’t you want to attract other yarn shop owners….?

I encourage all of you to think about who you would like to attract and does anyone know it?

Our Ad

Adventurous nomadic family of four looking for positive thinking people to have beers. We enjoy the unordinary approach on life however we like supportive shoes and personal hygiene. We value fast secure internet, meals at a table, and God. (not in that order)

We enjoy conversing about entrepreneurship, language, unique teaching and parenting methods. Don’t enjoy debating religion or politics. Believe what you believe and so will we. 🙂 Eat exotic healthy food and try to exercise as a family as much as possible. We aren’t vegetarians, but don’t eat a lot of meat because we just don’t enjoy it. We like quality items, and only own 1 or 2 of anything, except underwear.

Activities include: drinking beer (anywhere & time), drinking coffee (anywhere & time), hiking, roaming the streets, brain storming,  traveling the world, trying not to live by a strict schedule, and watching our kids play while drinking one of the above beverages.

We are looking to meet and converse with interesting people of all ages with or without kids  who would enjoy sharing their stories on life and hearing ours.  Please reply!

While doing this I thought about the ads our kids might put out, they have needs too. So here they are. (I am doing Abe’s for him)

Lupita Age 5

I am looking for girls and boys to play with of any age. I like games and to sing songs. I like to go on adventures with my mom, dad, and Abe (little brother). To relax I like to wear my mermaid outfit. I like healthy food and chocolate milk.  I don’t like long airplane rides or when my parents won’t give me ice cream. I like to read, do my homework, and ride my bike. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I want my hair to be really long like Rapunzel. I don’t like it when people want me to speak Chinese when they don’t speak Chinese because they won’t understand me. I like playing with my nonna (grandma) and my favorite game is Crazy Eights.

Abe Age 2

I am looking for a boy older than me to play with. I like anything that has wheels and is really big. I don’t share very well so all of your toys could become mine. I take care of my sister and my mom. I enjoy eating, throwing, and playing with sand. I love peanut butter and Dora. I have a very high pitch wine sometimes, but my big beautiful blue eyes make up for it. I love to sit on the toilet for 30 minutes to do my business by myself…. so please leave me alone while I am there. I love to rough house and hit my head often….but never cry. Looking forward to meeting you my new friend.


As I am sure you can see we aren’t sure what group we fit into, and hope we never fit into one because that is boring and that is something we don’t want to be…boring. We hope we meet more people to hang out with at our next location.

Now you know what our ad would be. Who we want to attract and what we want others to know about us. Come hang out with us.

What do you want the world to know about you? Have you told anyone….who you really are?



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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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