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Graduating Kindergarten in the US

Graduating from kindergarten is kind of silly……like we didn’t know they would get through K5, right? However when it is your little princess you eat it up like cake. I still can say that it is overrated, the school nickel and dimes you to death knowing that your little prince or princess will look oh…. so adorable in what ever they are selling. It was hard to resist. We are happy that she did graduate from kindergarten in the US.

Graduating from Kindergarten in the US was very special for our Lupita for various reasons. The most important reason is that she was able to experience an IB School which means that they focus on an international education, offer Spanish classes, and taught in a Montessori style. We obviously gravitated to the international education, which focused on learning about other countries and cultures. Lupita brought homemade Jiaozi to her class to help celebrate Chinese New Year and the class had a Chinese New Year party as well as learning about the year of the snake, symbolism of lanterns, and understanding the lunar calendar.

Kindergarten should be fun, and considering we could have been in China, Thailand, or Malaysia for her Kindergarten year we feel that she had the best experience here that she could have had.

We are so happy for her. 🙂 Her last couple weeks at school she had a blast and she ran around like a crazy lady. It created memories that she will cherish forever.

So what happens when you dress up 5 yr olds and pretend its a high school graduation? The families come out in droves. There must have been 6-8 people for every child, so seating was limited and Abe didn’t get to see any of it. I pushed my way up and got in front to be able to take some pictures. So Nonna had to occupy Abe during the ceremony.

Nonna did a good job keeping our little guy occupied.

It was tons of fun seeing her and her friends act silly and goofy in their miniature cap and gowns. The best part is seeing what these young little ladies’ interests will be moving forward. Watching them grow in their own interests and desires. That has been the best part of watching them grow up thus far. Seeing how Lupita now loves to draw and how her friend doesn’t care for drawing but makes these killer 3D art projects. The small differences in each of them amaze me all the time, and how sweet they all are every time Abe and I go and visit. He loved our trips to her school to eat lunch with his big sister and her friends and her daily pick up routine where he had to go and give everyone a hug good bye.


Lupita has made some great little friends and she had the most wonderful teachers. She is so proud to be holding her plant.

Abe doesn’t mind the crazy kindergarten room filled with parents and grandparents. He gets straight to business and starts cooking. He must have known we were hungry.

As much as I would like to say we are proud of Lupita for graduating kindergarten….it was kind of expected. We are most proud of her ability to have such an amazing heart and warm smile everyday. Her ability to make friends and her fun loving creative ways. I can’t wait for what else she will show and teach us.

We can’t wait for 1st grade in Mexico! If you missed the 411 on our move to Mexico, check out Moving to Mexico!


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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

4 Responses to Graduating Kindergarten in the US

  1. Melissa Goodin says:

    Don’t undervalue kindergarten graduation as I have. Summer’s a 2 timer. 🙂 The last time I saw those little white graduation caps and gowns was at my OWN Kindergarten graduation. NONE of my kids had kindergarten graduation. I’m thankful too, 5 less caps and gowns to buy. Though like you, I’d have elbowed my way to the front for pictures. 😉

    • Paz says:

      Melissa, I didn’t know that they did a kindergarten graduations….but then again, I haven’t been in an elementary school in awhile. We opted out of buying the yearbook, video, and the second set of pictures….there were two, we did buy one….but two different times taking pictures….hmmm.

      Even with a sprained knee I pushed my short self up in front and got some video of my own and pictures of her smiling face. It was lots of fun to see her and her friends so excited that they graduated.

  2. Angela White says:

    She looks SOOO happy! Along with her two proud parents. What a mile stone…with many more to come!

    Your hair is so long – you look great.


    PS. Love Abe’s hair and tie

    • Paz says:


      Yes, it was so much fun! She was very happy and we were very proud of her. My hair is finally growing….it has taken forever!!

      Hugs and kisses to Caleb!

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