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Published on October 22nd, 2011 | by Paz


Dream, Save, Do + Isn’t it about time you starting living your dream?

We have something great to share that will help you pile up the cash you need to complete the dream you have. I know there are many of you out there that aren’t living your dream. This is the same boat we were in almost 18 months ago before we made a decision that would change our lives forever. The only problem was that we needed some cash! Sound familiar??

As we made the decision that we wanted to move across the globe with our family, we simultaneously thought about affording to do so.  With every good idea there is always that one thing that makes it ‘not so good’ and it usually has something to do with money.

Since neither of us had a rich uncle that we could call to send us money…we had to figure it out on our own. I scoured the web and looked for people who had done the same thing. How much did they need, how did they save, did they make it??? All of these questions raced through my head.

That is when I found Married with Luggage. In a short amount of time they had saved enough to live their dream. We followed them online and followed their advice. I am writing this post from China the day before we leave for Beijing….good thing I listened to them.

You should to!

I am happy to announce that they recently have released a book that includes all of their tricks on how to save enough cash to live YOUR dream!!!!! Ya!!!

I have it and have already started living my dream.

Their awesome Book: Dream Save Do

This is the No-Nonsense, Step-by-Step Blueprint for Amassing the Cash You Need to Live Your Dream

We are  regular people just like you…we’ve had debt, divorce, ups and downs at work, and all the self-doubt and insecurity of trying to fit in a life that isn’t quite right. Like you, we still had a pretty good life – friends, family, an okay-but-not-exciting job, and a week-long vacation every year. But it wasn’t what we signed up for, and we wondered how we got so far away from our dreams.

When we finally decided to do something about it – to throw off the shackles of the life that was tying us down and move toward the life we really wanted all along – we made some profound discoveries about the power of focus and action.

Don’t buy this guide because I told you to…although that isn’t such a bad reason, I want you to buy this so that you don’t waste another year doing something you hate and living a life that you weren’t meant to live.

Dream Save Do book cover


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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

2 Responses to Dream, Save, Do + Isn’t it about time you starting living your dream?

  1. Betsy Talbot says:

    Thanks for the great review, Paz. We love what your family is doing and are so excited to follow along as your adventure keeps getting bigger and your waist keeps getting smaller! And it all started with taking that first step…You guys rock!

  2. Paz says:

    Betsy, Thank you for writing such an amazing book!!! I hope lots of people take advantage off all of your wonderful information and put it to good use. We sure have!!!
    I hope my waist keeps getting smaller too. lol You have to love Chinese food!

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