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  3. Susan says:

    So glad to have found your blog! My family (me, my husband, 15 month old son) will be spending six months in Guangdong Province in early 2014. Your advice on traveling with young children is quite useful to us, as you can imagine! I’m relieved that we already have a few of the items you recommend: my son has practiced sleeping in his Peapod tent and I have a good pair of Keens for him to start wearing when he masters walking.

    Just a few questions, if you have time to answer them, I’d be very grateful:
    We’d like to use bicycles for transportation. Did you ever see childrens’ seats on bikes in China? We have an incredible (huge, expensive) stroller that we love–the thing almost doubles as an off-road vehicle. Should we bring it? Or should we ditch it and buy a cheapie umbrella stroller once we get there? How did you find a nanny/ayi for your son? It sounds like you used a service?

    I don’t plan to be working much, although it would be fun to do a little English tutoring on the side, just to get out of the house and meet some new people. But I’m worried about following employment rules–taxes, etc. Where can I find more info on that? And finally, since I’m not going to be working in a formal place, I’d like to just bring some nice, casual shorts for day-to-day wear–is that acceptable for a 30-something woman?

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi Paz,
    Your blog has been so helpful and encouraging. We too are selling most our stuff and moving to China soon with two kids very close in age to what yours were when you moved there. I know you have since travelled on, but I had a similar question as Susan asked you above about strollers: since we don’t plan to have a car there would it be more helpful to have a sturdy double stroller both kids can use or would that be too much of a pain to fold and carry all around? Should I just do a cheapy umbrella? Thanks!

    • Paz says:


      First congratulations on the decision to move. It has been monumental for us and we are completely different from it. To answer your question a double stroller won’t fit in China, and you don’t want it. Depending on the city you are going to be living in you will be with roughly 15 million people and sometimes you have to squeeze, hit people in the ankles (with the stroller), and push to get through. Having a double stroller will only make it more difficult. Although my husband always votes for the cheapy umbrella stroller I would suggest a sturdier one. We are still debating this issue and I normally win…because I have to push the kids around a lot on my own. However, he has many valid points on the cheap one. You could just throw it in the trash if you didn’t use it. We did a lot of lifting and bumping down stairs with our stroller and did everything with it. So I would recommend something you can clean and fold, however a bit more durable that the cheap ones. Hope this helps and congrats on a monumental experience.

  5. Yuta says:

    Hi Paz,

    I have asked this question already in some of the other articles on this website, but maybe you did not see it.
    if we were born in one of the europeans countries and not in the USA even though we are US citizens (so the passport shows the country of birth), would we have any problems finding an english teaching job in China? We have a slight accent too. I would like to live in the south of china but I also know that the competition there is more fierce, at least thats what we were told.
    I was hoping that you would know the answer to this question better than anyone else.

  6. Anna says:

    Hi Paz,

    Your blog has been so helpful to me these last few days as I’ve been deciding what to bring to China for my family. We are moving in August with our baby boy who will be eight months, and staying for at last a year. I think one of the biggest questions I have at the moment is: what do I do about diapers? Did you find a brand that you liked while in China? Or did you switch to cloth? Any advice you could give would be amazing. Thanks!


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