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Published on September 10th, 2012 | by Paz


Chinese Visa Outside Your Home Country: The Quick and Easy Way

Traveling around the world and decide that you want to enter China. or Have you been traveling around China on your regular visa and now need another because your fun hasn’t ended. What to do to keep your traveling mojo going forward.?

Getting a Chinese visa outside your home country

This is actually going to be very similar to getting a Chinese visa from your home country…with some added paperwork.

Check out my previous post on getting a Chinese Visa: The quick and easy way.


  1. There will be some added paperwork that states you are applying for a Chinese visa outside of your home country. It will also ask where you have been traveling, for what reason, and your intention of traveling into China.
  2. In acquiring your Chinese visa remember the wait time and of course the wonderful time spent in the Chinese consulate in a foreign country while traveling. We got use to wasting a day in Hong Kong in line at the Chinese Consulate. It was a good thing that the pick up line was always quick and simple.
  3. On an L visa we were only able to get a multiple entry visa good for 30 days at a time that was valid for 6 months. They said that since we were outside of our home country we couldn’t get a visa good for one year.
If you want to renew your visa while traveling around China it is easiest to leave China and renew your visa and then re-enter China. Since we were mostly in South East China Macao and Hong Kong were our stops to get renew our visas and do our visa runs.


If you have any questions about Chinese visas let us know.


Have you ever had any problems getting a visa?



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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

6 Responses to Chinese Visa Outside Your Home Country: The Quick and Easy Way

  1. Sheryl says:

    Hey Paz,

    Love your blog! My husband, baby and I are here in GZ and looking for other families to meet up with. Could you tell me if you’ve met any or if there’s a meetup group here? Send me an email.


    Sheryl recently posted..Tips on traveling with a babyMy Profile

    • Paz Chentnik says:


      So glad you are in Guangzhou and hope you are having an amazing time. There is a wonderful group that you must join. It is coordinated by Michelle and here is her e-mail. There is also a facebook group: GWIC – Guangzhou Women´s International Club I recommend joining both!

      Have fun and say hi to everyone for me.


  2. Sedat says:

    Hi.i want to apply for chinese student visa in Hong Kong,since it’s to expensive to go back to Germany where I’m from.i am on a tourist visa right now and already found the school that will provide me with all necessary you think it’s possible in Hong Kong?

    • Paz says:

      Yes, it might be possible. The Chinese rules change so much you should first try the Hong Kong Chinese Embassy or an agent in Hong Kong before traveling back to Germany because of the cost.

  3. steven says:

    hiii my name is steven, iam an american citizen and iam going to visit lebanon to see my wife. i get a visa on arrival there and i would like to apply for a tourist visa to china from there at the chinese embassy. is that possible? many people apply outside there home country. and i wanted to know the fee is 140?

  4. Michael says:


    So I’ve been traveling around with my girlfriend in Europe for my first time out of the country and now I have a friend that invited us to stay in China. Will be in France for the next two weeks and it as she is french it seems like the best place to apply. My plan is to go to an office for, could you please give me some insight or advice?

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