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Published on August 18th, 2013 | by Paz


Caterpillars in my Bra – Living in a tropical climate

We have now been in Merida, Mexico for 6 days and yes I found caterpillars in my bra already. Living in a tropical climate is going to be interesting.

As we departed the Cancun airport my observant 6 yr old said, “Momma we are in the jungle”. As your foot steps out the air-conditioned Cancun airport you feel the humidity, the heat, and oh the sun! Some might not be up to the heat that Merida can bring. It is 5 pm and a bit cloudy at the moment, but still 98 degrees. We have moved into a jungle climate.

Merida is a city of over 1 million people with all the western amenities your heart could desire, just so you know I am not stomping around a hut with animals in my underwear.

Something is in my Bra!!!!

As I refill my water bottle in the kitchen I feel something tickling on my bra strap. I look down and see these small brown maggot looking animals!!!!! I started freaking out because I thought that they were maggots. How could I have gotten maggots on myself? After I stopped freaking out I got down and saw that they weren’t maggots, thank God, but what were these things?

I figure oh well….I have been butt naked in China before, so some weird small animal on my breasts is just another one for the books. I go back out to the pool to attend to my screaming children and feel a bite inside of my bra!

Now I am freaking out again to only find one of these small weird creatures is INSIDE my bra and I believe it just bit me. As I pull my whole boob out of my shirt worried I am going to find some sort of nest of animals living in my boob sweat I remember that my neighbors have a second story (great view to our pool) and I hear voices.

We quickly went from the nice foreign family to the crazy lady pulling her boob out and screaming next door family. Yup, it happened. I am sure they enjoyed the show.

I still have NO idea what these animals are and really am starting to feel a bit nervous about the whole thing. I am imagining that I have to go through the whole house, every cabinet, every drawer, and every corner trying to figure out where these animals are hiding and then figure out how they got into my bra. I am almost more upset about that process than pulling my boob out in-front of the neighbors.

Living in a tropical climate

Then I turn around….

I see this string hanging from a tree next to the pool and THERE THEY ARE HANGING FROM THE TREE! I get closer and realize that they are baby versions of these beautiful caterpillars that we have been seeing for the past 6 days.

Adult-ish version:

Living in a tropical climate

When I was getting our kids into the pool I rubbed up against this tree. I must have rubbed against these little guys that were hanging from the tree and then one slipped into my bra. Frisky little guys!

I felt so relieved because now I don’t have to go through our entire house searching for small brown maggots. They are actually Syntomeida epilaisOleander Caterpillar.

Yesterday we had found that one had cocooned itself into Abe’s life jacket while it was drying. How crazy is that. A few hours later when we came back it was gone! Not sure how long they stay in the cocoon normally but this one was there no more than 24 hours.

caterpillar in lifejacket

As beautiful as they are I don’t appreciate them being in my bra and I am sure they didn’t appreciate me rubbing up against them. Now every time I even think I feel something I am freaking out! Seriously has me on pins and needles tonight.

Living in a tropical climate I am sure is going to bring lots of different animals, insects, and bugs that aren’t familiar to us. I only hope that the next tropical animal doesn’t find it’s way into my underwear and I would like to tell any maggots to please stay away. I really don’t like maggots.

Please help me feel a bit more normal.

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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