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Published on March 12th, 2011 | by Paz


Butt Naked in China

Haha, yes I found myself butt naked in China. How does that happen to a self respecting American girl? I can’t give it away in the beginning. I must first tell you how I got there.

Deciding to move to China brought up many pros and cons. One of our biggest pros was how cheap some things were going to be. We could experience things that we could not in the states.

One of my favorite extra-curricular activities (other than eating and traveling) is getting massages/facials, and in China they are CRAZY cheap!!

As we were preparing our lives for our move abroad as you can guess there was A LOT of stress. (All I could think about was my cheap massages) Then when we arrived and had our entire plan turned upside down (all I could think about was massages). Even though we had been in China for almost three weeks I had not had a massage. You can imagine that I was going crazy. They are all over the place, but I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about just walking in and getting a massage. I think it was because I had built up this experience over the last 4 very stressful months and I didn’t want to be let down. I also didn’t want to overpay.

Finally..we were getting settled and I had a great recommendation for a Spa!! As you can imagine I was itching to go. One afternoon I said good-bye to the family and took my little taxi the Osotto Spa.

I had been told that when you first walk in you are given a towel and you then go into an area where most women are naked. It is called the Sauna (totally different meaning).  I planned ahead and brought my swimsuit. Except when I got there I realized that I didn’t grab my swim suit but I grabbed two tops!!

How was I going to do this?? I have to say the birth of both of my children helped me out in this area greatly…it wouldn’t be the first time that someone may have caught a glimpse of my bum. How did I get butt naked???? Keep in mind I went alone, I always like a challenge!!

First, I got there and the lady hands me a small clear plastic bag as I check into my locker. On the locker it says “we are not responsible for the loss of any of your personal belongings, please deposit them with the front desk”, so I think she is giving me this plastic bag to put my money/wallet in. I had just taken a bunch of cash out of the ATM, so I thought great. The lady shakes her head at me and does not take my wallet/tons of cash. Another lady arrives and is put 3 lockers down from me. The plastic bag is for you to put your underwear in….you don’t give it back to her….and my journey begins!!

Second, the sauna area is huge. There is a whirl-pool, but an actual pool and everyone is naked. I keep my towel on. I enter the steam-room and everyone is yet again naked. I should mention everyone is female. While you are in the steam room a very nice lady brings you cold water and a cold wash-cloth. The service is amazing. Near the whirl-pool there is a buffet of food and drink. All Free, it is included in your entry price. Everything is imaculate. So then I notice that there is an area where women are getting massages….hmmmm but they are completely naked and there is no towl covering anything. I find myself staring…like really…you just lay on a bed completely naked in front of 30-40 women you don’t know. okay….then I think about the women giving the massages….awkward. How do stay focused?

Since I don’t speak Chinese and there was very little signage…. I am thinking is this where I get a massage…is this it? As much as I like the sauna, and steam room, I came for a massage. I sit down and think about my fear of getting a massage in front of all of these women. Yes, it is a fear, an insecurity, and a feeling that I know too well. Why am I so scared to get butt naked and have a great massage for 48 yuan. ($8.00 USD)

Overcoming my fear….what did these women have that I didn’t? Why are they okay with this and I am not? In our last 3 weeks in China there were many things that some would say were fearful, but we had overcame our fear and have loved every minute of it.

What the hell!! I point to the salt exfoliating massage and walk in. The woman also points to the honey massage and nods her head. What the hell why not be scrubbed down in salt and then honey completely naked in-front of everyone?! I have to say I am still a little shy about taking off my towel. The lady rips it from my hands and I am butt naked in China!!! Yup. She makes me rinse off and then helps me up on the table. I go face down first. Probably a good thing. The massage is great…but I still am thinking about my bum up in the air and I am sure everyone is talking about it. Then, front up! Oh geez…after my 1 hour massage that costs me roughly $16.00 I feel great. But I am lathered in honey and I go to rinse off and the woman tells me that I have to go to the sauna for at least 10 minutes, or at least that is what I think she tells me. So now I have to walk across the spa…yup, you guessed it, butt naked and in honey!! I was so worried about falling I didn’t even notice if everyone was watching me. I have to admit, my fear of being butt naked in front of tons of women I don’t know is now gone!

The spa was great!! p.s. I found the private massage rooms later on the 3rd floor/full buffett on the second floor and a movie room on the 4th floor. That was just the entrance to the sauna…the only spot where people are butt naked! You get beautiful pajamas to wear and robes after you leave the first room.  haha!

p.s. the picture is of the view from our apartment!

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

5 Responses to Butt Naked in China

  1. shannon says:

    Bwahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! I LOVE that story!

  2. Paz says:

    Shannon-Thanks!!! It was a little scary at first but way cool afterwards!!

  3. Tina says:

    LMCAO: which means Laughing My “Clothed” A** OFF! 🙂

  4. Heather says:

    LOVE it!!!!!!! So stinkin proud of you 🙂

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