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Published on August 23rd, 2012 | by Paz


Best travel gear for toddlers

What to bring on your vacation or trip around the world can be extremely confusing when traveling with toddlers. There is so much to choose from. We have been traveling with our 2.5 & 5 yr old. Here is what we have found to be the best travel gear for toddlers.  

Depending on your destinations climate can extremely change your packing essentials. We travel to more warm and cool climates (50-100 degree Fahrenheit) since that is what we enjoy most.

Advice: Travel light…. with toddlers who still can’t carry their own bags it is important for us to travel light. We find that we can be much more flexible with our modes of transportation and don’t get caught up in security as bad as you might think. There are many items that claim they are the best travel gear for toddlers, before purchasing think about if there is something else that you travel with that this could substitute. Being weighed down while traveling is the ultimate travel buzz kill.

Best travel gear for toddlers

Shoes: We only travel with Keen shoes for our kids. We started purchasing them when our daughter was 2 for our trip to Italy and haven’t missed a pair yet. They are a bit pricey $35.00 – $50.00 per pair, but they double as hiking, walking, and water shoes. They can be washed very easily in any hotel sink and dry within a few hours. Neither of our kids have ever gotten any blisters or complained of their feet hurting. They can also be worn with socks if you are in a colder climate. Best travel gear for toddlers and teens.

Our 5 year old now has to also travel with flip flops as she loves them. Since they are about $3.00 a pair, she gets to travel with one pink pair that matches her cousin Amara (17).  (sentimental value included) Our 2.5 yr old gets only one other pair of close toed shoes.  So two pairs of shoes a piece.

Best travel gear for toddlers

Tent: We were given this amazing tent from another traveling family in Malaysia whose children had just out grown it. We LOVE it! We travel light on other things so we have made room for this. When you are crammed in a small hotel room, you can bust this bad boy out and the kids feel like they have their own little home. They play and sleep in their tent together. It is great. This also means that we get to have the bed. An extra night without being kneed in the face or back helps feel more refreshed in the morning. It folds up nicely, fits in any suitcase, and there is no assembly time since it pops open.

Stroller: Traveling with a stroller can be complicated. We tried once to not use a stroller in Italy and ended up buying one in Rome.

“Dove posso comprare un passeggino?” Where can I buy a stroller?

We learned this one very fast. Now we travel and use only an umbrella stroller with a mesh bag in the bottom. If one kid isn’t tired or needing to be contained then another is. Umbrella strollers are usually less expensive and way way easier to throw in the back of a car or check at the airport. Remember you check your stroller at the airplane gate not at check in. This way you can use it through-out the airport.

Best travel gear for toddlers

Backpacks: Although our kids are too small to carry their own luggage we have started making our 5 year old carry her own carry-on (or car travel items) in her backpack. We really like Vaude’s backpacks for kids. They have two spots for water bottles or stuffed animals, zipper compartments, hip and chest straps for easy carrying. They have tons of selections for color and style. Another added bonus is that they wash up like new.

Drinking and Eating: Toddlers are always drinking and eating and it seems as soon as you are ready to leave they are  now hungry again or looking for some liquid of some form. We are actually a big liquid family. We always are drinking something. We don’t leave home without two drinks for each kids ready to go. When flying this can pose some issues but if we keep the liquid to under 3 oz while going through security, we normally don’t have a problem. Traveling with BPA free cups is a must. I also found these non spill sippy tops that you can put on any water bottle and your child won’t spill it all over themselves. For under $3.00 you really can’t beat it.

Entertainment: Keeping your toddler entertained is a full time job. If you multiply that by how many toddlers you may have, you can easily be working overtime. Some great “gear” that we travel with to keep them entertained.

Play Dough it is great for kids of all ages.

Entertainment: My new favorite is pipe cleaners. Let your imagination run away and create anything. They also are very inexpensive and take up very little room in your luggage.

iTouch has been great for our 5 year old. We have some great language games and apps that she plays while learning Mandarin.

Finding the best travel gear for your toddler can be a lot of trial and error. We hope that this has answered some of your questions about what we feel is the “best” and worth lugging around the world. Now we can’t wait until they can carry their own luggage.

Tip: Traveling with toddlers can actually be a lot of fun and very enjoyable if you come prepared. Don’t forget to stop and get ice cream if it seems like everyone needs a well deserved break from all of your adventures.

What is the best travel gear for toddlers that you’ve found?

About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

4 Responses to Best travel gear for toddlers

  1. angela white says:

    Love the advice and totally agree about the Keen shoes – the best for our active kiddos:) I’ll try out the pipe cleaners! Always looking for fun, cheap, and easy to travel with toys… Oh, and I love the picture of Abe – tooooo cute.

    • Paz Chentnik says:

      Ang- Yes, love Keen shoes! I actually don’t wear them for myself, because i feel like they make me look even shorter than I am. lol But wish I would wear them….because they are so great. Yes, pipe cleaners is an idea we came across and it is so cheap, you can throw them away at any time and super fun to make anything. They also come in lots of fun colors…Lupita is very specific on her colors lately. :)

  2. Shared. Great post, those shoes look cool. I recently brought a pair of crocs, but i dont want them to have socks with them. Why do you recommend these shoes and where can I buy them. I’m sick of carrying sneakers and crocs. Are they really comfortable to be sneaker substitute?
    I agree with the stroller, we did 2 months without it in Bali – no use with those roads, but brought one in KL and it is great for naps, etc. Cause one of us always ended up carrying a sleeping child haha. My daughter said yesterday “I love the pram” and she is 3 haha.
    Dont carry a tent though :D

    • Paz Chentnik says:

      yes, love the Keens! They are great and can be sneakers with out the need of socks, and water shoes. :) So cool that your daughter loves her stroller, I know I would love mine too….if I got one. lol

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