Name: zeek a.k.a. zeekzilla

Occupation: Web Developer, Cloud Programmer

Description: geeky technical wizard with designer intuition and ability. I’ve mastered both sides of my brain.

Favorite languages: javascript, python, css 3, html5, and javascript (i really like it so its on here twice) – I’ll learn any language.

Made for: hiphop production, kung fu

Gear: computer, mpc2500 w/jjos2xl, motu 828mk3, reaper, waves mercury, arturia minimoog, spectronics trillian, ak-47, and skateboard

Top 5 hiphop producers:  J Dilla, DJ Premier, RZA, Alchemist, and DJ Muggs.

Acronyms: D.I.T.C. (digging in the crates) and R.O.I.D.S.  (return on investment development strategy)

Favorite meal: New York style sausage pizza with KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (for dipping) and a coke – while watching the simpsons.

Favorite movie:  The good, the bad, and the ugly.


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    We are a family of four: dad, mom, sister, brother, who decided to leave our job, home, and community to live life in China. After a year abroad we decided to become permanent nomads. We road school our children and try to enjoy every minute.

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