Who are we?

Krabi, Thailand April 2012

Who are these crazy people and why am I reading their blog?

Well, we are a family traveling and eating our way around the world.

Meet the family!Dad (Zeek), mom (Paz), sister (Lupita), and brother (Abe).

Why we decided to move and how did we come to this point.  Part 1 

Why we decided to move and how did we come to this point. Part 2

We had decent jobs in the states, with a great group of friends and relatives. There was no reason we had to leave. We just wanted more out of life, to live life and not let it pass us by.

We had left the states seeing if we could travel, live, and pay the bills. After 8 months abroad we realized that we wanted this life for good. We never again wanted to have to clock in any where or have to where real clothes again!

We love scouring the cities for food stalls, dancing in circles, and connecting with amazing people everywhere.

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Here is a picture of us right before we left for our journey November 2010, ready to embark on an adventure of a life-time.

Zeek, Paz, Lupita, Abe

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    We are a family of four: dad, mom, sister, brother, who decided to leave our job, home, and community to live life in China. After a year abroad we decided to become permanent nomads. We road school our children and try to enjoy every minute.

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