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Published on September 5th, 2011 | by Paz


$2 Facial or $5 Coffee?

Would you rather pay $2.00 for a facial or $5.00 for a coffee? This is coming from a coffee junky so you will understand that the coffee carries some pretty heavy weight. The only thing is I can make coffee at home pretty easily and the facial is well a bit more complicated. So the facial wins! The funny part is I didn’t even know I was going to get a facial. Once again I see things that look interesting and want to try them. This can be a good thing and a bad thing depending what your comfort level is. I had been telling Zeek for weeks that I wanted to go and have my face threaded by the ladies we had seen on the street corner. If you aren’t familiar with what threading is… is a way to take the hair off of your face using a thread that they twist and roll across your face. I have had it done in the states many times. I used to go to one in the middle of a shopping center where everyone watched at they walked by. At least people knew I was doing something about my mustache and uni-brow right? So one Saturday we walked on over to get the job done.

As every conversation of ours starts in China there is a lot of body language to make up for the lack of vocabulary. hmmm still working on that! We spot the women at work and one of them pulls up a bench for me to wait. She could probably tell by my overgrown eyebrows that I was in need of their help.

Here is another woman getting her face threaded while we wait.

As you can see you are literally on the side of a narrow little path with some dirty steps. There is no receptionist to greet you or get you a latte.

The threaders are all older woman with their fanny packs full of equipment oh ya and their wooden benches. Who knew someone’s butt could fit on something so small.

We are greeted by many people as they walk by and see our little Lupita doing something crazy. Typical her, and it always draws a crowd and a few photo opportunities. Now that her Chinese is good she is able to communicate with the old woman and they get the biggest kick out of it. Good thing we brought her along.

Now it is my turn.

One thing I have noticed about Chinese services is that if it doesn’t hurt it probably isn’t good or doing anything. So their bedside manner is a little on the poor side.

They put these pieces of fabric around your head to keep your hair back. Then they rub some sort of white chalk over your face. As you can see there is a guy right behind me. Who knows who he is. No private rooms here!

As you can see she goes to town on my face! Good thing someone did.

But right away I can tell that this is different than the threading I am use to. The thread is much thicker and she works her magic all over my face. She is quite strong I might add.

She actually ends up using three different thicknesses of thread. I determine this to be the exfoliation as well as removing all of my unwanted hair!

Each time rubbing this chalk all over my face. The chalk felt very try and a bit coarse…it could have another purpose, because of my inability to communicate who knows!

Then the most unexpected thing happened. She got out some clear liquid and started rubbing it all over my face. It could have been an exfolitating cream…or butt jelly…again who knows. She put tons on all over.

She rubbed it all over my face and neck. When I say rub I mean rubbed and rubbed. She gave my face a massage. Even though she was pulling and pushing and scrubbing it felt really good. She must have done that twice and then back to threading.

Lupita waiting patiently…maybe not so excited.

So now you are thinking how long were you sitting on that little bench? Well we were sitting there for about 30 minutes. Yup half an hour.

Here is where it gets even more interesting…I thought this was just threading. She starts popping black heads. In the US I only ever get the facials that are suppose to help clear up your skin. Maybe she knew…I do not know.

Yes, she uses  her hands and a little tool to clear up any blemishes. Both are the same methods I have had done in salons in the US for over a hundred dollars.  Although there was no pretty music, aroma therapy candles, or well anything other than my wooden stool. The only real health difference I could distinguish was if her hands were clean or not. hmmmm She didn’t use plastic gloves and a magnifying glass.

You may be thinking you could have gotten an infection something could have happened!!? Well you are right…something did happen. I got a facial for $2 bucks!! That was it. My face looked amazing and felt great after I was finished.

She then cleaned up my eyebrows and trimmed them all up.

Lesson learned- don’t be afraid to try things because of your fear of what could happen. You might be missing out on what will actually happen. Like a $2.00 facial.

Now one week later I can’t wait to go back again.  At this price I can work it into my weekly budget instead of the once or twice a year splurge at a salon. I figured it out the average $104.00 I would spend on a facial in the US could afford me to get one facial a week for one year! So 50 facials a year instead of one. hmmm that is a tough decision. I can do without the aroma therapy for a savings like that!

To answer my question above…I am picking the facial over the cup of coffee! Hard to believe I know!!






About the Author

Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

8 Responses to $2 Facial or $5 Coffee?

  1. Angela White says:

    Just love this one Paz. You have me curious to try this service out for myself. 30 Minutes for $2! That beats Fourbucks as Paul calls Starbucks because you always spend at least $4 for coffee.

    Fall is in the air here… thinking you all often.


    • Paz says:

      haha! I love Fourbucks that is great! You always spend atleast four bucks. He is right. I miss fall very much! It is still crazy hot here and there is no end in sight. Not complaining though…since I won’t have to shovel this winter. Say hi to Caleb and Paul.

    • Tessa says:

      Thanks for cnotribiutng. It’s helped me understand the issues.

  2. Genevieve Garzon says:

    Well Dear Sister…. you sure don’t leave anything out! Nice way to tell the world about how hairy we are. I like it! I have to admit.. i’m down for the 2 buck facial but if one of those cute little Chinese women hurt me, I may not be able to refrain my quick reaction to hit her. I will do my best though. :) haha.. jk!! She would probably kick my ass anyways.

  3. Olivia says:

    I have never try this. Just afraid that it hurts…but I think this will be better than coffee that I am alleged with coffee…

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