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Published on December 9th, 2010 | by Paz


10 Best Non-clutter Gifts under $20

Since we have started living our minimalist life style we have purged, donated, and sold car loads of stuff. We don’t miss a single thing!! We don’t want to contribute to our own cluttering as much as we don’t want to contribute to our friends’ and families’ cluttering. We want their spaces to be as clutter free as ours are. You truly feel so much better! What do we love to give that won’t clutter our friends and families homes and is under $20.00?  Here are a few of our favorites….

1.  Restaurant Gift Card 70 % off-  Coupon Code GIFT - You can search hundreds of good restaurants and when you check out enter GIFT and you get 70% off your gift card. Get a $25 gift card for $3.00. No one can say NO to that.

 2. Donate to Charity Water  - Chris Guillebeau’s Ethiopian Water Project: Your donation goes to direct project costs such as cement, piping and deployment of the necessary drilling equipment. You can pick any cause close or far to donate any amount in the name of someone. *** Spirit of Christmas****

3.Photography Gift Card: Shutterfly- I have been making Photo Books lately and love them. Not only do they help you keep your photos accessible, but it is a neat and organized way of remembering special events. It is supper easy to use and you know everyone wants to have their memories off of their computer and on their coffee table.

4. Pie - okay so I am a bit particular to a delicious pie. You can give any dessert that you know your family loves but might not be splurging for this Christmas season because of money being a little tight. This won’t clutter their life but it might fill their belly’s.

5. Movie Gift CardYou know everyone is itching to go see the latest Harry Potter Movie.

6. Babysitting Coupon- This has to be my favorite one! As you know with two kids not only does finding a good babysitter when you need them become hard, but then footing the bill isn’t much fun either. Give a decent amount like 5 hours of babysitting and just say that you need 72 hours notice or whatever works in your schedule and you will be the best Santa EVER!!!! *** Please keep in mind this value is probably somewhere around $45.00 depending on your neighborhood.

7. Grocery Gift Card- This is probably the least fun to give…I know! But when have you not had to buy groceries? Exactly. So you could give a generic grocery card to a place you know that they shop or a specialty one where you know they want to maybe get a nice steak or delicious fruit. This makes every one’s grocery budget go down while the kids are out of school and everyone enjoys.

8. Netflix- Netflix is great! We cut our t.v. over 2 years ago and have only been using Netflix. They have movies that are shipped to your house and on demand for 9.99 a month. You could give them 2 months to see if they enjoy having great movies at their fingertips. We call it selective t.v. watching. Most t.v. shows are offered as well.

9. iTunesThis is especially great for your music lovers, but you can get movies and books on i-tunes as well. We always get this for our teenage nieces and nephews. They love it.

10. Egg Nog & Rum -My favorite holiday drink…but you could change it up for your recipient. Any good holiday alcholic beverage is much appreciated. My favorite is a good creamy egg not and Captain Morgan Rum. Delicious.

As you can see none of these gifts add clutter to someone’s house yet all will be very much enjoyed by all. That is my style of Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

If you know of any other non-clutter presents please tell us.

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Paz is an avid adventurer in life and food. Traveling across the globe with her family they enjoy cultural immersion and checking out the local eateries.

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